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Robert Z. Barnes Expands into Music Production as "REBL"

Most people know Robert Z. Barnes as "Robbie" since birth. Robbie has also been often referred to as "DrummyBoy" by his mother on social media and by his family and friends for his passion for percussion. However, as Robbie started to take an approach towards music production deep into his years as a composer, he latched to the name "REBL."

As an avid fan of video games from his early childhood, Robbie's gamertag has always included the name REBL in some fashion. Pronounced "rebel," the tag followed him into music after his business partner referred to his approach to music as "rebellious."

"None of us know where his music will land, and that's the fun of hearing what's coming next. His Trap song may take an EDM turn, or his Dubstep track may take a Hip-Hop turn," expressed his business partner. During his early years in music production, REBL was mainly focused on writing instrumental work with a heavy emphasis on the EDM, Hip-Hop, and Cinematic genres.

While "REBL" has deeper meaning to Robbie, his no-limits approach to exploring music and sound reflects his boundless curiosity as a musician, producer, and composer.


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