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About Me 02
"My interest in music stems from my humble beginnings starting as a three-year old. Throughout my toddler and preschool years, I've always taken a keen interest in percussive-sounding things around the house and objects that played music. Whether it was hitting a Topple (board game) with Jenga blocks or draining the battery out of every musical baby toy in the house, I was often found doing something musical. My family bought me a 61-key Casio Keyboard for Christmas when I was around 7 years old and that immediately became my favorite toy. I would often groove to the songs and beat pre-sets on the keyboard and add my own melodies or do the song tutorials that lit up the keys on the keyboard."
Image by Cristina Gottardi
"Around the age of 11, I entered my junior high school music program as a percussionist and began composing my own rhythms. This is around the time I started practicing and committing to developing my skills as a musician and composer further. I would often write out pieces of music for the snare drum in my blank staff notebook and perform the pieces for my family, and I started creating songs using my Casio keyboard.

My engagement in music during junior high school led me to take my first course in music production and composition in high school, where I also performed in the marching, concert, and jazz bands. At this point is when I decided to commit to music long-term. My determination in music led me to the Music and Sound Recording program at the University of New Haven, where I graduated with Magna Cum Laude and Honors. During my college years, I had the opportunity to work with many other creative minds and I had exposure to different recording studios. My college education inspired me to try a number of new things in music and one of those things is writing lyrics. My debut single, Focused, is my first publicly-released lyrical work, and there are many more to come."
Image by Neil Martin
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