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REBL Competes on the Field in Drum Corps International

As a marching band drummer in high school and college, REBL upped the ante by taking on one of the marching art's most grueling challenges: competing in Drum Corps International (DCI).

If you're not familiar, you could consider DCI a highly energetic, uber-athletic version of marching band with just brass and percussion. Only a small number of applicants earn a spot on a drumline and have the fortitude to endure an entire season.

REBL traveled around the country to audition, practice, and train for DCI. After a series of highly-competitive auditions with several drum corps, REBL earned a spot on the drumline as a snare drummer with 7th Regiment, a drum corps based in New London, CT. He moved into corps housing on June 22, 2019 and traveled the country competing with a cadre of talented performers from around the world. REBL also had the distinct honor of training and practicing under other legendary names in DCI, such as Phil Andrews, who was a former snare drummer of a top world-class Drum Corps, Carolina Crown.

REBL's tour with 7th Regiment came to an exciting conclusion on August 8, 2019 with finals and drumline competitions at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN. Known for being the home of the Indianapolis Colts, this stadium also hosts the biggest competition of the DCI season: the DCI World Championships.

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