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Telling the tale of the action that takes place when powerful forces clash, this piece emphasizes combat through a cinematic lens. The long crescendo at the start of the track resembles the approach of powerful forces toward each other resulting in combat. The extended phrase featuring a ticking clock parallels the part of a combat scene caught in slow motion (whether a sword is being swung or an actor is falling) swinging back into action shortly after. During the mid-section, the protagonist is reminiscing their backstory and realizing their purpose in this fight, re-engaging in the combat shortly after. The piece ends with heavy impact moments concluding with the defeat of the anti-hero.
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Taking place during a high-speed chase, this piece mirrors the hectic nature of a fast-paced movie scene. The percussive pulse with a prominent hi-hat loop sets the tone and pace as other percussive elements and sound effects reflect the unpredictable nature of the scene. Strings are introduced as the danger in the chase escalates. At the 0:50 timestamp, the main character becomes more innovative and methodical in their methods of evasion, hence the complete change in tone. Danger comes closer to the main character throughout the duration of the scene which is reflected by the 16th note staccato string and chromatic rise. The piece ends with heavy chaos as there is a close call and the main character finally escapes.
Image by Matt Seymour
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Stressed out by the concept of time and the threat waiting on the other side, this piece portrays the narrative of a character in a precarious situation. Throughout the scene, the character makes a continuous effort to solve a problem as time is running out. The beginning introduces the tension of the scene and escalates with added musical layers that depict the growing pressure on the character. At the 1:08 timestamp, all tension is released and the character realizes the plight in its entirety. At the 1:56 timestamp, the character springs into action and begins making attempts to solve the problem. As this section progresses, layers are added to the melody to signify the character's growing knowledge. Finally, the character either reaches a conclusion or fails as the piece comes to an end.
Image by Marek Piwnicki
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Hence the title, this piece symbolizes the ascension of a main character. The first half of the track illustrates an emotional backstory by the use of slow tempo, minor key, and legato phrasing. As the story develops, more timbres are introduced as the main melody ascends and doubles up an octave in the string section. The long crescendo at the end of this phrase represents the culmination of the backstory into a realization (of power, force, or skill) by the main character. After a short pause, the music comes back at an increased tempo as the main character begins to demonstrate their newfound capability. The piece ends with a crescendo by a mysterious melody into a brass sting to reinforce our uncertainty that this character uses their capability for good or evil.
The video below is a demonstration of my music and sound design joined with visuals. I created this as a project for a college film course. The original trailer was given to me with no audio and I was tasked with adding the music, sound effects, and ADR. While the ADR was a large part of the project for the purpose of the class, it does not reflect serious ADR work as I could not get voice actors to portray the on-screen characters (you may laugh at Katniss).
London City
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